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Nathan Burns wins Johnny Warren medal

  • Nathan Burns wins Johnny Warren medal

Nathan Burns has been delightedly awarded for his performances this season with the Johnny Warren medal for the Hyandei A-League player of the year. 

This award has been a long time coming for the player who was a shining star right up until the final regular season match for his club, Wellington Phoenix. Consistently being up and down field every single match was just one of the many reasons for his aquiring of the Johnny Warren medal.

Within the past few years, Wellington Phoenix have managed to solidify their standing as a vital partner within the A-league and have more than proven they deserve to be in the League just as much as anyone else. Providing the home for a player like Nathan Burns more than cements this too so they should be happy with the current performances they have given out.

They were also recipients of the fair play award thus taking home two awards in total for this Hyandei A-League season which is certainly a great achievement and all the staff and players should hold their heads up high.

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