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Kids interview Newcastle Jets and it’s hilarious

  • Kids interview Newcastle Jets and it’s hilarious

Newcastle Jets players expected an ordinary press conference, but their main sponsor decided to have a little bit of fun, substituting your everyday journalists with some real experts in the field.

 Newcastle lads on the spot

Jets Newcastle approached their main sponsor, Greater Bank, and asked if they could organise a press conference for their players. Playing a key role in the season, their sponsor decided to be a little daring and modify the traditional soccer player press conference. Tricking three unsuspecting Jets players and having some fun in the process.

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Roy O’Donovan, attacker, Jason Hoffman, defender, and Daniel Georgievski, defender, stepped into the hot seat expecting to see a room full of journalists, they were instead greeted by a room full of… kids!

Kids say the funniest things

Because it’s no secret that kids say the funniest things, the entire press conference was filmed. That way they could capture the live reactions to the hard hitting questions being fired at these trusting Jets players.

Very blunt and upfront, the kids didn’t hesitate to rub salt into the wound and ask the defender, Jason Hoffman, about his own unconventional goal.

Keeping them on their back foot, even the league’s gender pay gap was questioned by these little budding journalists.

Always good sports, the Jets players answered under the pump, and coped with some of the most confronting questions those fellas will ever have in their soccer career.

Now I just wish each of the A-League could arrange their own kids press conference, to compare how more of our sporting icons, such as Melbourne Victory FC, could handle this pressure cooker.
To discover the answers and reactions of the boys, the video is available here.

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